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Having Representation and Paying it Forward with Orthopaedic Surgeon Jothi Murali-Larson

Today I’m talking to orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Jothi Murali-Larson. Dr. Murali-Larson is one of the 6% of all orthopaedic surgeons who are women. Jothi is an orthopaedic sports medicine and trauma surgeon who built her own practice when she found that a traditional big group practice wasn’t working for her. With all of her experiences being mentored by strong women in orthopaedics,...

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Dr. Jothi Murali: Sports Medicine, Pediatric Ortho, and Trauma - The Best Two Hours You'll Spend Today

Today's episode is extremely entertaining. The guys sit down with Dr. Jothi Murali and she has a gift when it comes to podcasting. Not shy of the mic, she and the guys discuss sports medicine, pediatrics & pediatric ortho, trauma, and a few other fun rabbit holes (platelet rich plasma, being an entrepreneur, etc.). Definitely high marks for education and laughter with a few serious points as well.

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Ep. 14: Dr. Jothi Murali-Larson

Dr. Jothi Murali-Larson and I discuss life as a surgeon in private practice, contract negotiations, and her leadership within the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society

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