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    Ha T.

    Overall a wonderful experience and made the operation very relaxing.
  • Healthgrades 560490Healthgrades

    Katie M.

    she was incredibly helpful throughout the entire process, making sure to explain things to me thoroughly, so that I fully understood what the procedure was. She took time to look into my diagnosis and act accordingly.
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    Elia A.

    Have been coming here for care for 3 yrs
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    Natalie L.

    Dr. Murali did a great job supporting me through the surgery and beyond.
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    Olivia B.

    She there to answer any questions
  • Healthgrades 560485Healthgrades

    Ruben G.

    Perfect totally understanding and considerate thank you
  • Healthgrades 560483Healthgrades

    Kara S.

    She was comforting in a very stressful situation, on top of being incredible surgeon! Our son had a great result and is healing faster then we thought thanks to Dr. Murali!
  • Healthgrades 560482Healthgrades

    Babette C.

    Dr. Murali-Larson immediately put my 82 year old mom at ease. She is gentle, and caring. She explained the procedure and healing process in a way my mom could understand. I am very impressed with the entire experience!
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    Keith L.

    The Diagnosis and surgery went as expected and planned. The recovery went better than I had hoped, and I was mostly functional quickly.
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    Verified Patient

    Helped guide me through my shoulder injury over the course of several months.

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