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    Amit K

    I highly recommend Dr. Murali. I saw her after I injured my knee and tore my ACL playing soccer. She was kind, professional, and patiently answered all my questioned regarding the surgery.
    She repaired my torn ACL and my recovery and rehab has been fairly smooth. She was equally kind and patient with all the follow up appointments I had post surgery. Thank you, Dr. Murali!
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    Kenneth T

    Dr. Jothi Murali is an exceptional surgeon whom I highly recommend for orthopedic procedures. I am extremely pleased with the two surgeries she has performed for me. Her professionalism and surgical skill are remarkable. Additionally, her office team is courteous and attentive to patients' needs. Regards, Kenneth
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    Manuel S

    I really like this professional. She did the work on my shoulder that needed to be done, and I appreciate that very much because she helped me go back to my normal level of competition
    when I play volleyball.
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    Bob F

    Dr Murali is awesome. And her staff is very helpful.
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    Joel R

    Jothi Murali Larson is a great doctor and considerate and helpful and knowledgeable.
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    Tony T

    I actually love the amount of care and thought that has been put into every appointment. It really feels like my health concerns are met and professionally reviewed
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    Katie F

    I highly recommend Dr. Murali. She is intelligent, kind, professional, and committed to doing a good job. She repaired my torn ACL and I’ve been doing great since. I felt a pop in my knee shortly after the surgery and instead of brushing it off, she insisted I come in for an exam and get x-rays to be certain, both of which were fine! I’m 8 weeks post op and have reached 100% flexion and extension.
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    Julie K

    Dr. Murali- Larson is always careful, thoughtful and thorough. I really appreciate having her as my physician.
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    Babette C

    Dr. Murali-Larson immediately put my 82 year old mom at ease. She is gentle, and caring. She explained the procedure and healing process in a way my mom could understand. I am very impressed with the entire experience!
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    Nikki B

    Love Dr. Murali. She is caring, kind, friendly, and excel in her field! My son's arm bones are better than before in six months!

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