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    Robert D

    I had a severe right arm fracture from a bike accident. I met Dr.Murali in the El Camino Hospital ED. She was very kind, caring, and highly competent.She gave up her Sunday off to operate for 8 hours, to provide relief to my predicament. Today I am back riding my bike and thank and recomend the Good Doctor to my family, friends, or anyone who finds themselves in the difficult situation of an orthopedic emergency. Many thanks to Greg her office manger helping immensely with my insurance inquiries.As retired RN, I can really appreciate the expertise and guidance of a first class ortopedist.
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    Audrey D

    I am 3 & a half months post pilon ankle surgery. I strongly recommend Dr. Murali. I am very happy with how everything has been progressing under her care. She took me on last minute and was able to accommodate me quickly and swiftly. The team she has surrounded herself with also deserves a lot of credit to how friendly and professional her practice is. I have had much time to research my injury and am highly confident that Dr. Murali has only use best practices in my situation. I highly respect her and trust her work. She listens to my concerns and answers any questions that I have. I am extremely grateful for having her during this long and tough recovery process.

    P.S. Her smile and warmth is comforting!
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    Steven F

    Dr. Murali, professional practice is excellent. One one one is effective in discussing symptoms. Energetic, great smile
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    Kevin L

    Dr. Murali did an amazing job fixing my distal radius fracture from snowboarding. I was feeling hopeless when I saw the x-ray from the extent of the injury. Dr. Murali's thorough examination and expertise reassured me everything was going to be ok. About 6 weeks after the surgery and PT I was at 65% ROM. 3 months out now and I am 95%. Im sure ill be back to regular in no time. Dr Murali is the best and I cant thank her and the team enough. Greg was awesome in helping schedule all the appointments, including last minute ones, and referring me to PT. I am real grateful to have met Dr. Murali and her team.
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    j benn

    Best Doctor experience I have ever had!!!
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    richard m

    The doctor has helped me with both my knee problems and left ankle from arthritis. The staff is great, appointments kept on time. She also worked on my son with his knee problem from sports and is doing great now. Thank you
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    Mary J B

    My husband Jess had PCL surgery in September of last year. Dr Murali did an outstanding job! He no longer has pain and is going back to work. Dr Murali is down to earth and personable. Five stars to her and her staff.
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    Richard S

    Dr. Murali performed an ACL and meniscus surgery on me; during the initial visits and follow-up, she was efficient and attentive, with good bedside manners. The surgery went well, and I was hiking in the Himalaya 6 months later. Could not have asked for a better experience.
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    Matt D

    Awesome, Doctor! My son fell and broke his wrist on a Friday night. I called her office and let her know.

    She pulled up the Xrays electronically within minutes of their completion. She confirmed what we were told by the ER doctor and also confirmed our appt with her office early Monday morning.

    She was booked, but got us in to make sure my son’s wrist was set and casted properly.

    Dr. Murali could tell my son is a wild man.

    So we are a little over six weeks out from injury. The 2nd cast we had was a new, Waterproof, material so my son could still enjoy the pool, Awesome!

    He’s good to go for baseball but, because she recognized he is a bit of a wild man, she put him in a brace to hold him back a bit.

    A Great Experience if you have to go through it.

    Thank you, Dr. Murali.
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    Phillip T

    Dr. Murali is a very knowledgeable and compassionate physician! As an athletic trainer covering high school sports, Dr. Murali has been a great resource for my patients and their parents. I have heard nothing but great reviews after referring student-athletes to Dr. Murali. She is also very easy to communicate with, straight to the point and easy to learn from when it comes to orthopedic and sports medicine cases.

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